Why You Don't Need to Drop Everything to Lead an Adventurous Life

When I was first given the idea of starting a blog, I had no idea what my content would be. My first thought was, “I have nothing to write about… I don’t live life out of a converted van or on a sailboat sailing the world with my cat…” But then I realized how the media feeds us stories of these people that lead such minimalistic lives, and everyone responds with “ugh I’m so jealous” or “#goals.” In my mind, I knew that unless it was by some stroke of miraculous luck or divine intervention that was not going to be my life even if I wanted it to be. At least not right now... Nor did I necessarily want it to be.  I just wanted to be realistic. I’m just a few months out of college, and I just did not see myself dropping everything to go live out a van… Sorry NOT sorry. Despite the huge part of who I am that includes wanting to see as much as I can and be outside and traveling and exploring as much as I can, I wanted to finish my degree and have my piece of paper. I also LOVE my job and it’s actually something I really care about. So... When I actually put into thought, “what would I write about?” I started to think about the cool stuff I do or have done at this point in my life. I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for the life I live and how I live it, and I have a feeling a lot of people can live a passionate life as well (without going broke or wishing they could be like one of those viral Facebook articles... i.e. Girl who sails around the world with her cat). You catch my drift.

A few things:

There are so many things you can do to obtain a fulfilling life without breaking the bank. Adventure can lie oh so close to you… The United States has some of the coolest locations this world can offer, but everyone just wants to go on that European backpacking trip after college. (P.S. there is nothing wrong with that backpacking trip… I just think people fail to realize what you can see and do without a passport which can save SO much money. Just think, more bang for your buck.) And, if we want to make our mile range even smaller, I think hometown exploration is key to being happy where you are. So, I can’t wait to write about my pretty little state.

Travel = education. I don’t care where you’re going or how, but the more of this earth you experience, the more knowledge you obtain. There is a difference between what you gain from a textbook and what you gain from real life experiences like getting lost with some good friends and learning how to do the boy scout basics on a road trip.

And lastly (and most importantly in my opinion), not everyone needs to drop his or her life to be considered cool and adventurous. I believe in an adventure, but I also believe in real life- the stuff that social media doesn’t show you. I think it is totally possible to find a job you love, work out a budget that allows you to save money (my biggest weakness that I will also embarrassingly be writing about), and then as soon as you reach your mark for money to spend on your next trip, put in for your time off and book it! It makes working your job (that you hopefully already like) that much better to know you have an adventure booked and waiting for you, like a goal you can work towards or a finish line you can actually see! And planning it in the meantime will keep you sane and excited. It is totally possible to knock everything off the bucket list by adapting this mentality, which I have been so happy to try and even happier to find that it works out perfectly to keep stress levels low and life exciting, because as soon as I get done with one trip, I can start planning for the next one! This, along with writing about "weekend ventures" to get you through the week (I love my home state and I'm excited to share with other Floridians how cool our home actually is!), is what I can’t wait to write about and share with other young people who are on a budget and just want a little fun in their life. That includes things I have experienced/used/been through myself, and things I will also be trying for the first time so that I can share as it happens. The key is to make the best of wherever you are, but set some goals to push yourself to live a happy lifestyle, whatever that lifestyle is for you.


Go With It

- Mo