First things first, this trip had been months in the making. Blake went above and beyond with this trips itinerary and we definitely improved on a lot of little glitches from our Colorado road trip.  The foundation for this trip was basically structured around the fact that we wanted to go to Zion National Park in Utah, and once we realized how many incredible parks and monuments were in the surrounding states and areas, we decided to go for it. We booked round trip flights from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas for 13 days, rented a car from Turo, and went from there. A lot of our locations and destination just come from research. For example, googling “Coolest hikes in southern Nevada,” or talking to other bloggers who live and hike in the area we are going to.

 In our 13 days, with eight people and two cars, we visited Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, hence the self-proclaimed name of the trip, “Nutona”. Overall, we visited three state parks, two national parks, one Native American Reservation, and one national recreation area. We drove a total of 1,400 miles, and hiked a total of 167 miles, averaging close to 14 miles a day. The Nutona trip was definitely one of the coolest of my life, and we will definitely be back to many of these areas in the future.  The Nutona posts are going to be written in order of the days of the trip; a guide and summary of each location by each day. Enjoy!