Four Things You Should Know Before You Go

First travel post here we go! This is a preface to our 11 days in Colorado and four things to think about while planning your first road trip.

I’ll keep it short so we can get to the good stuff… You know, the cliff jumping, the sleeping in laundry rooms, the elk encounters… All of it.

Most of my trips and travels have been with my family. And I have to give them a shout out because they’re pretty incredible people and we have done and seen some pretty cool things. They’re the ones that have instilled in me the importance of travel and experience outside of your bubble- the importance of meeting new people and embracing new things. So thanks to them, I wanted to make this family visit into an 11 day road trip with some good friends. 

So… I have family that lives in Denver. My uncle had been trying to get me to come visit for a while but I have a legitimate fear of cold weather (absurd I know) and been avoiding the trek to the mountains. The whole ten days ten different places thing came about when we were headed to Colorado for a family gathering and I wanted to do and see as much as I could if I was going to be there. So, I called up a few friends, found a great price on Southwest Airlines (my favorite airline by far- I'll explain another time), booked a flight 11 days ahead of my fam, and started planning. A few other things to touch on about these kinds of trip…

1.) Who you travel with is EXTREMELY important. So, this go around I had my adventure buddy for life, Blake, and long time friends Mandy and Dane. What’s so cool is that each of us are so different, so it was really interesting to see how the dynamic worked when we were crammed together for ten days. (Mo Tip- Always pick your travel companions very wisely. You will become VERY close.)

2.) As much as I hate to admit it, an itinerary really does help. My original intentions were to go where we wanted, when we wanted, and how we wanted. No plans at all. I didn’t want to map out our days because hey, I didn’t want to be structured- I wanted to be free as possible you know? Going with the flow ;). But, Mandy and Blake are planners and they were totally right to impart some wisdom on me. Having an itinerary taught me how to make the most of your time when traveling. (Mo Tip- Always have some structure- it helps allow for more spontaneity I promise.)

3.) Always plan to go OVER budget. Have some cushion money for pop up expenditures or unplanned fees or activities along the way. But if you do it right, you can do a LOT for free.

4.) Do your research, and make sure to do a lot of it outside of NPS (National Park Services) resources. NPS is great and I’m a huge fan of all they do. It’s just also important to gain other peoples real experiences and opinions, which is what I plan to be doing most of my writing on to help other people. 

So without more babbling, lets go to Colorado.


Go With It

- Mo