Enter Page, AZ: Horsehoe Bend & Lake Powell

When we woke up in Page we were exhausted to begin with. But we had a fun time when we were packing up at four in the morning to go to horseshoe bend and our vans alarm started going off, and its sure, waking up every person still asleep within a mile radius. Our key fob wasn't working so Matt and Blake drove the car away from the lodge until they could figure out what was going on. After what seemed like forever and tampering with every button, wire, and gadget in the car, the alarm finally shut off and we could make the drive to Horsehoe Bend. I'm sure we looked like a mess of tacky tourists.

Horsehoe Bend was everything I had imagined. It was stunning, awe inspiring, and just breathtaking. Even though the sun was rising behind us ( which does cast some light and shadows not perfect for photography), it was still a good time to go. It was windy and chilly, but with the amount of people that were present was still plenty. Since we were there around 5 am and still saw a good about of people, I cant even imagine how many people are there during normal hours of the day. So, all in all, I’m glad we got there as early as we did. The trail so Horsehoe Bend is short and easy, so anyone can see this view! 

After our early morning at Horseshoe Bend, we went into the small town of Page to eat breakfast. We stopped at Ranch House Grill (recommended to us by people we met at Horsehoe), and I had biscuits and gravy- duh. After our huge breakfast and many cups of coffee, we stopped by a laundromat to throw some clothes in the dryer since they hadn't dried from the night before when we did laundry in the lodge sink. After our clothes had dried, we made some sandwiches and drove to Lake Powell where we had a boat rental waiting for us! Since we were splitting the cost of the boat 6 ways, it wasn’t too much of a hit on our budgets. 

Lake Powell was absolutely incredible. Even though the day was a bit chilly, we spent the whole day out on the water exploring the towering maze of canyons. Blake, Matt and Phelan even did a little cliff jumping! When you arrive at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the boat rental area, the staff will give you an extremely helpful map of the lake and all the canyons you can drive through. There are beaches where you can stop and eat lunch and swim, but we found there was far too much to explore to stop moving! We had packed beers and lunch and we had an awesome day on the water. 

After we got back to the docks, we stopped by the Lake Powell Gift Shop and got some commemorative T’s! We then made our to a popular beach campground in Glen Canyon, called Lone Rock Campground, which is just over the state border line, so it's technically in Utah.


After we had some fun in front of the Utah sign, we headed into the camp. It was $14 to camp there, which was easy to do, and we had so much fun. People were camped everywhere, bonfires were lit up on the beach, and frisbees and footballs were being thrown all around. We were driving threw trying to pick our spot when we got stuck, so definitely be aware of the soft sand! After pushing our van out of what felt like sinking sand, we decided to pick the spot where our van ended up. After exploring the dunes and collecting rocks to build a fire ring and logs to build benches, we set up our fire, played frisbee, drank some pale ales and had dinner on our butane burners. It was a picture perfect night. We camped with our tent covers off with the stars above and fires all around, and for that reason I think this was one of my favorite nights.