Hey... I'm Mo!

I’m a South Florida native currently working for a digital media and magazine publication company in beautiful Jupiter, FL. Before that, I was working for the largest spearfishing and F.i.i. freediving educator in the U.S. I loved my first job, which encouraged me to not settle for my next career venture, and I didn't. I love my job and I am blessed to have found a place where I am encouraged to live a passionate life and connect with people of different backgrounds. 

I am almost a year post-graduation with a degree in Communication Studies and like most post-grads, I'm still just trying to figure out life. Because of that, I have also figured out that life should not be wasted in the cycle of working in a job to afford the cost of living. We only have one after all, and at the end of it, what will matter?

I've never read a "how to" on how to be a good blogger. I just wanted to create a place for real people and real experiences. I wanted to create something that was a beneficial space for people to use the experiences I've had and to share experiences of their own. My sole purpose for even wanting to build a site like this was to start an archive that could help people in their travels, near or far, mainly because I found that is what I needed... I needed real peoples opinions, suggestions, and experiences on things to do and see, whether in Florida, or across the country (while still on a budget). 

To sum it up, I want to see and do everything I can... Every day. I have a really hard time sitting still in one place. This site is going to have a lot of articles about awesome things to do in my sweet little state and the US, because I believe we were put here for more than living the same day over and over.. we just come up with excuses instead of solutions. I have a wanderers heart, and I truly believe we are meant for more than an endless cycle of materialistic proponents. 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, find adventure in the little things, take advantage of the positivity around you, and spend money on things that really matter...like experiences. I truly believe that going new places, being outdoors, camping, and hiking is the best way to keep happy and maintain a balanced and beneficial view on life. I also hope these archives and articles get used by anyone looking to travel to any of the places I have been to.  Feel free to leave a comment, contact me, or follow me on social media!

Go With It-


P.S. Shout out to Blake for putting up with being called buh-lah-kay 100 times a day, being my photographer even when I didn’t know it, and for being apart of any experience I’ve had so far that’s worth writing about…

P.S.S. Shout out to the googans Eric and Rodman…for making me believe I’m cooler than I actually am, pushing me to new reach new depths (literally), for promising to read my blog after you guys convinced me to go for it, and for coming up with the perfect name for my reasoning behind it all.